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The book of remembrance has been available for lasting and dignified memorials since the early days and is a common way of providing a permanent epitaph for the deceased.

The book, which is hand bound and uses only the finest paper, is on display in the arcade area at the rear of the Old Chapel and is open at the appropriate calendar date to allow entries to be viewed on each anniversary.

Highly skilled artists are employed to ensure that every entry is of the same superb artistic standard and that personal messages and even crests, badges or flowers are reproduced authentically.

Many people like to keep a personal copy of the inscription as it appears in the Book and this service is available in the form of either a folded remembrance card or a miniature book.  The remembrance cards are 6 1/2” x 4 3/4” with a reproduction of the main book’s cover on the outside.  The inscription appears on the inside and the card is supplied with a protective PVC presentation wallet.

The miniature book of remembrance is approximately 8” x 6” and is bound in blue/cream vinyl with ‘Cross and Glory’ or in blue with wild flower design on the cover.  It contains a title page, suitable quotation page and additional pages.  The centre page is dedicated to the inscription as it appears in the main book.  It is supplied with a glassine wrapper and protective box.

If you would like to arrange an inscription, and to arrange for remembrance cards or miniature books, please complete the order form or click for a price list.

Book of Remembrance





The Wall of Remembrance surrounds the crematorium’s spectacular gardens and incorporates commemorative blue/black slate tablets available for purchase on a 10 year lease basis.

The gardens provide a peaceful refuge for the bereaved to remember their loved ones with a personal memorial. The lease on tablets can be renewed to provide a lasting place for reflection.

Tablets can be purchased as a single (10” x 2”) or double (10” x 4.5”) plaque and include a set numbers of gilded letters. Double tablets can be used for longer epitaphs or to reserve space for future use.

To reserve a plaque of the Wall of Remembrance please complete the order form or click for a price list.

Wall & Garden of Remembrance






A separate, peaceful area of the gardens with a new stone focal point is reserved for the scattering of ashes.  However, the family may wish to purchase an urn that can be either used to keep the ashes or to scatter them at another time.

Garden of Reflection
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