Green Issues; Environmental Impact

In consideration of the increased environmental management regulations brought about by the introduction of the 1990 Environmental Protection Act, Glasgow Crematorium has secured significantly improved environmental management systems and reduced emissions to the environment through investment in innovative cremation technology.

Glasgow Crematorium complies fully with The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency’s License to Operate Crematoria, the Federation of Burial and Cremation Authority's Code of Cremation Conduct and adheres to corresponding Statutory Regulations and Cremation Acts to provide a lawfully competent and considerate cremation service.

In recognition of the growing demands being placed on the environment :

  • In 2013, The Trustees of the Scottish Cremation Society who manage Glasgow Crematorium proactively opted to install 2 new state of the art 100% Mercury Abated cremators at a time when the national directive was to reduce Mercury emissions by 50%.
  • In 2015, we dispensed completely with the use of plastic urns for the containment of ash and now use only biodegradable ash boxes.
  • 2016's environmental initiative saw the Society join an independent and externally audited metal recycling scheme. Following cremation residual metal implants are biannually uplifted and taken away for recycling purposes. The proceeds from recycling are donated to local charities.

Our administrative processes are becoming electronically structured rather than paper reliant, easing albeit in a small way the demand being made on our woodlands and forests.

It is the Society’s intention to keep abreast of emerging funeral technologies with a view to further reducing our environmental footprint.

Addressing Climate Change

The Scottish Cremation Society is a member of the Federation of British Cremation Authorities (FBCA) and as such all cremations are carried out in accordance with their published Code of Cremation Practice.

Glasgow Crematorium now offers an environmently astute and considerate scheduling of cremation services so as to further reduce our "greenhouse" gas emissions. We have installed a coolzone refrigerated unit for the secure and hygenic overnight storage of coffined remains, which has a maximum storage capacity of three. This new environmental initiative means that a traditional cremation service may take place one day but with the physical remains being cremated respectfully early the following day. This approach has already been adopted in several European countries as well as elsewhere in Scotland and throughout the United Kingdom in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint of crematoria.

Whilst we hope for your kind cooperation with this new approach to delivering considerate cremation services, we nonetheless recognise that this new environmental policy may be contrary to your express wishes. Please be advised that if this is the case you need only declare so in writing on the cremation application form.