As a charitable organisation and in recognition of the increased concerns regarding funeral poverty in the UK, the Scottish Cremation Society is commited to keeping its cremation charges as low as possible.

The total adult cremation cost is £650 with no surcharge being applied for services on a Saturday morning or public holiday.

The service time is 45 minutes including time for access and egress.

We have also removed charges relevant to organist attendance as well as the fee previously levied for the ashes container for release purposes.

A PDF of price information can be found  HERE

Full list of services and costs


All fees are applicable Monday to Saturday with no surcharge for weekend or public holidays.

45 minutes between services. 9am - 3.45pm Monday - Friday
                                                            9am - 12pm Saturday


Adult Cremation service.
Use of the chapel with assistance from our considerate chapel attendants.
We provide an organist and music system to play CD, USB or phone connections for musical requirements at every service.
Both chapels have wheelchair access and toilet facilities.
A comfortable vestry area for service leaders is provided.
Every cremation is abated for Mercury, which allows us to lower our impact on the environment.
Ashes are prepared for removal in a sealed, biodegradable box along with the cremation certificate.
Use Of Chapel Only ( No cremation )
Use of Old or New chapel. The full use of our service is available as above, without the cremation.
Cremation Only
A direct unattended cremation service.
A dignified committal is performed in the chapel with the Funeral Director and Crematorium attendant present only.
Scattering of Ashes (From different Crematorium)
A member of staff will guide the family with the dispersal of ashes and explain the layout of our Garden of Reflection.
If the cremation has taken place at our crematorium, there is no fee.
Double family service
At times sadly 2 family members can both have been lost within a short space of time. They can share one 45 minute service time with 2 cremations.
Double time service
Sometimes a family may feel 45 minutes is not enough to say a proper goodbye, we offer one cremation with a 90 minute service time.
Stillborn up to their 18th Birthday.Free of Charge


A high-quality live webcast, viewed via the secure, easy-to-use obitus website.
Live + 28-day + Downloadable
The live webcast, plus access to a recording of the webcast to watch again for a further 28 days.
Keepsake Copy of Webcast (DVD/BluRay/USB stick/CD)
A recording of the webcast on a DVD, Blu-Ray, USB memory stick or audio CD, in a customised case.


All book of remembrance entries and cards are done on site by our calligrapher.

Any request to view an entry is available by speaking to a member of staff on site.

Two Line entry£80
Five Line entry£110
Eight Line entry£140
Additional charge for Badge or Emblem etc£95


Two Line entry£80
Five Line entry£110
Eight Line entry£140
Additional charge for Badge or Emblem etc£95


Hard Backed Book (various designs)£26
Two Line entry£80
Five Line entry£110
Eight Line entry£140
Additional charge for Badge or Emblem etc£95


Small Tablet - 10 year lease (3 Lines of script)£380
Small Tablet - Renewal of 10 year lease £235
Large Tablet - 10 year lease (6 Lines of script)£545
Large Tablet - Renewal of 10 year lease £285
Removal of Wall Tablet Free of charge
Niches (10 year lease when available)£125