2023 Memorial Christmas Carol Service – Thank You

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The board of Directors and staff of Glasgow Crematorium would like to thank all who attended this year’s Memorial Christmas Carol Service on Sunday 3rd December.  It was heart-warming to see so many of you who had given your time and had braved the snow to make your way to the Crematorium laden with bags of food and Christmas gifts to donate to St Gregory’s food bank, with some also kindly contributing a financial gift. All donations, large or small, will make a huge difference for those in need at this festive, nonetheless difficult, time of the year.  We want to thank you for your participation in what we felt was a truly special event. The service was streamed live and it can also be watched online for the next 30 days.  For instructions and login details, please use the following link:

  Username: dama6038 Password: 458101   We offer Hope, Peace and Joy to all of you this Christmas.   Read More

Christmas & New Year opening times

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SUNDAY 24-Dec-23 Christmas Eve Access to memorial facilities only 11am – 1pm
MONDAY 25-Dec-23 Christmas Day Closed Closed
TUESDAY 26-Dec-23 Boxing Day Access to memorial facilities only 11am – 3pm
WEDNESDAY 27-Dec-23 Full service 9am – 3.45pm
THURSDAY 28-Dec-23 Full service 9am – 3.45pm
FRIDAY 29-Dec-23 Full service 9am – 3.45pm
SATURDAY 30-Dec-23 Full service 9am – 1pm
SUNDAY 31-Dec-23 New Year’s Eve Access to memorial facilities only 11am – 1pm
January. 2024
MONDAY 01-Jan-24 New Year’s Day Closed Closed
TUESDAY 02-Jan-24 Public holiday Access to memorial facilities only 11am – 3pm
WEDNESDAY 03-Jan-24 Full service 9am – 3.45pm
THURSDAY 04-Jan-24 Full service 9am – 3.45pm
FRIDAY 05-Jan-24 Full service 9am – 3.45pm
SATURDAY 06-Jan-24 Full service 9am – 1pm
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Live Webcast & Music System

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We are pleased to announce the launch of the Obitus webcasting facility from Monday 16th November 2020.

By providing online access to funeral services, we hope it will enable those who are unable to attend the service in person to feel more included in the funeral event.

The service will be professionally recorded and each service can be viewed via a unique PIN (personal identification number) either in real time or, if stated, over the next 28 days. It is also possible to request a commemorative DVD of the service should you wish. Please consider and then discuss your funeral preferences, perhaps including this new option, with your funeral director to ensure that your loved one’s service is arranged according to your exact requirements.

Cost options are located on our Costs page.

To compliment the Obitus live screening facility available at Glasgow Crematorium, we are pleased to announce the introduction of the Obitus Maestro Music System in both chapels from Monday 1 August 2022.

The system has an extensive music library covering all genres of music. Your Funeral Director will help you choose your music and preferred artist(s) from the many options available. They will manage every aspect of the booking on your behalf however please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Traditional and secular organ music will continue to be provided by our highly experienced and talented resident organists.


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Online Book of Remembrance

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Online Book of Remembrance 

We are delighted to announce the launch of our newly digitised Books of Remembrance.
With this 24/7 online access you will be able to view your treasured memorial inscription whether it be in private for a personal time of reflection or viewed collectively in the supportive presence of family and friends. To access the online Book of Remembrance, please use the following link and search by either using the search by date or the recently updated , search by name option.

The full memorial page for the date in question will displayed and you may also scroll backwards and forwards through other pages.
We hope that during this particularly difficult time of pandemic, and beyond, this safe access option will provide a measure of comfort to those for whom travel arrangements to attend the Memorial Arcade at Glasgow Crematorium in person might be difficult.
Further details on any of our memorialisation features can be obtained by emailing  or by phoning 0141 886 6644.
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Garden Of Remembrance

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Whilst we all share the sadness that comes when someone passes, it is not possible for us to allow unofficial memorials to be attached to the trees or laid on the surrounding areas. This can be damaging to the trees and can affect the enjoyment of other visitors, therefore this is not permitted.

Our deepest sympathies are with those of you who have lost loved ones, and we are very sorry if this causes any offence, we assure you that none is intended.


We ask that within our Gardens Of Remembrance, people visiting leave behind only flowers and cards that can be removed after a sufficient period of time.

The Society does have official memorials ( Book of remembrance and wall tablets ) available.


Any queries should be directed to the managers office beside the New Chapel or by telephone on 0141 946 2895.



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Organ Tribute

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Following his father’s cremation at Glasgow Crematorium in December 2020, Mr John Burnett, an organist, gifted an electronic organ for the New Chapel in memory of his late father, Mr Samuel Beresford Burnett. Mr Samuel Burnett was himself a classically trained organist and it is fitting that his son is pictured here in front of our RAF stained glass window considering his late father’s past military service in the RAF. This most generous gift has provided a very high-quality instrument which will greatly enhance the musical offering for families and friends attending services in the New Chapel.

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125 Years

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Today marks the 125th anniversary of the first cremation performed in Scotland at Glasgow Crematorium on 17 April 1895. Scotland’s first crematorium opened during a time of cholera, typhoid and diphtheria. On this anniversary the nation is sadly once more witnessing substantial loss from a devastating pandemic. The Scottish Cremation Society is part of Glasgow’s heritage – a tribute to inspirational local design and engineering – and a cherished place where we can celebrate life and reflect on our losses and remember.

The Society has operated for 125 years with a testimony of empathy and care. We offer our strength and experienced professional services in this time of need. Although we have adapted our funeral services in order to comply with official COVID-19 guidance, our compassionate team continues to provide attentiveness, comfort and support to bereaved families who are faced with the extra challenges of self-isolation and social distancing at a sad time.

We shall endure together.


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