Mission Statement

The Scottish Cremation Society has since 1895 remained committed to providing quality accessible essential services which continue to promote cremation rather than burial as the most hygienic and environmentally considerate method of funeral. This is undertaken in a manner which best reflects the current expectations of a modern funeral service within a robust regulatory framework whilst preserving traditional values.

Infant cremations policy statement

Recent media coverage regarding the recovery of post cremation ashes arising from an infant cremation has led to a degree of confusion and concern as to the likelihood of recovery of ashes. The Society would wish to reassure service users that it is our policy where ever it is feasible to return post cremation ash to the applicant for cremation or duly nominated individual should they so wish it. In the cases of very young foetal remains every care will be taken to promote recovery and retrieval of ashes post cremation. Infant cremations are currently performed using cremators which have an inbuilt infant mode which provides a more considerate cremation to aid the collection of ashes. In a small number of cremations given the brevity in length of gestation and despite qualified staff’s every effort to do so, it may not be possible to recover ashes. If this should be the case, a letter to this effect shall be sent to the applicant for the avoidance of any future doubt or concern.

Infant Ashes shall be retained for 6 weeks. If not uplifted or further instructions received, the applicant for cremation shall be written to asking for further direction in this matter. If no further instructions have been received within 14 days, the ashes shall be dispersed within the Garden of Reflection and applicants will once more be written to confirming when and where in the garden the ashes have been scattered. The Garden of reflection is of a simple lawn design divided into four designated areas, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter with a centralised memorial boulder and a commemorative bench.

The processes used by this facility comply with SEPA guidelines in terms of environmental management legislation but is also observant of the FBCA Code of Conduct and ICCM recommendations. Each cremation is conducted individually. The definition of ashes is the collective material produced following cremation inclusive of coffin and potentially a small quantity of brick ash. Any and all post cremation ash is recovered and disbursed in accordance with the expressed instructions of the applicant for cremation.

Should you wish to discuss funerary options, please feel free to contact the Crematorium Manager, Lucille Furie on 0141 946 2895 or she can be reached by email: lucille.furie@glasgowcrematorium.co.uk