125 Years

Today marks the 125th anniversary of the first cremation performed in Scotland at Glasgow Crematorium on 17 April 1895. Scotland’s first crematorium opened during a time of cholera, typhoid and diphtheria. On this anniversary the nation is sadly once more witnessing substantial loss from a devastating pandemic. The Scottish Cremation Society is part of Glasgow’s heritage – a tribute to inspirational local design and engineering – and a cherished place where we can celebrate life and reflect on our losses and remember.

The Society has operated for 125 years with a testimony of empathy and care. We offer our strength and experienced professional services in this time of need. Although we have adapted our funeral services in order to comply with official COVID-19 guidance, our compassionate team continues to provide attentiveness, comfort and support to bereaved families who are faced with the extra challenges of self-isolation and social distancing at a sad time.

We shall endure together.